Scholarship Coaching

Because finding a scholarship is the easy part!

Scholarship Coaching is a unique service focused on helping students access and win available scholarships that fit. Although there is a lot of information about the best way to apply for scholarships, you’ll find that what works for one applicant may not work for another. Students working with a Scholarship Coach will learn techniques that make them successful scholarship candidates by emphasizing their individual talent and ability. Best of all, the tools students use to apply for Scholarships are the tools they’ll use when applying to College.



Successfully applying for scholarships requires a solid plan with specific steps.  We've created a process that will make applying for many different scholarships a bit easier. RMA Scholarship Coaches have helped dozens of students apply for and win many scholarships. Our coaching students have won local and national scholarships such as the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Posse Scholarship, National Merit Scholarships, Links International Scholarship, 100 Black Men Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship, and others.

The Scholarship Interview

Most scholarship competitions eventually lead to an interview.  The scholarship interview can make a huge impact, its a chance for you to show the scholarship committee why you are the best candidate. Our scholarship coaches will work with you to help you put your best foot forward to any scholarship committee. 

Scholarship Essay Evaluation

Scholarship essay questions are specific, however most students fail to answer the question.  


Our Scholarship Coaches will help you craft your unique message that tells your story and answers the essay question.  Essays take several drafts to get "just right."  Your coach will help you create a plan to get the writing done on time and in time.

A Complete


Completing the scholarship application involves answering all questions, sending the application in a way that can be tracked, and to follow- up to ensure it was received.  We make sure that  your applications have all the "I's" dotted and all of the "t's" crossed.  

Nomination & Recommendation Requests

Getting a great letter of recommendation is an art.  Many times you'll find that you are asking the same people for nominations and recommendations.  We can show you how to make writing on your behalf as easy as possible for your those who recommend you for colleges and scholarships.

Collecting Your 


Collecting scholarship winnings is probably the most over looked part of the scholarship process. During the scholarship application process it's important to keep accurate records. Your scholarship coach will help you record all of the important items and keep that information accessible. When the time comes to collect your Scholarship awards you will have the information you need for a smooth transition.