Rondalynne McClintock M.Ed, MSIST

The Scholarship Club is an Education Consulting practice.   Rondalynne McClintock M.Ed, MSIST is Founder and Executive Director of The Scholarship Club FCP. Rondalynne holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSIE), a Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed.),  a Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology (MSIST), is a part of an education consulting practice, and has completed coursework for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems and Technology (Ph.D. ABD).

Talia Dotson, B.A.

As Principal Education Consultant with Expert Consulting Talia develops curriculum and innovative programming to be delivered to diverse and under-served student populations. Talia is an expert in assisting students to develop scholarship winning essays

Cassandra Madison, M.Sc.

Cassandra is a highly organized leader and coach. She is able to quickly assess student’s needs and provide the right tools to resolve difficulties, enhance learning, and improve performance. Cassandra holds degrees in Business and Information Systems.

Latonia Jenkins, M.Ed.

Latonia is a K-12 educator and mother who is a strong advocate for a higher education. Believing that every student can be successful, she always encourages and motivates students to continue their education following high school. Every opportunity that Latonia gets, she will educate students and their parents on how to fund their valuable college education through scholarships.