Application Assistance

Welcome to the new reality of getting into college

Most applications are online. Strategies that worked 10 years ago don't always work today. There are different types financial aid forms. The essays that must accompany the application aren't always listed in one area of the website.  We will ensure that you are submitting a complete package to the admissions committee.

Career &

Major Selection

There are a lot of rules about choosing a college major, and some of them are really good.  


Choosing a career, like choosing a college major is a personal decision based on factors such as what you like to do, your favorite classes, and even your personality. At RMA, we will help you assess your career style and personality temperament so you can know for yourself the correct path to pursue.

Personal Statement Academic Resume

Show them how you "stand out from the crowd" in 500 words or less. The Personal Statement is your chance to highlight all of the best parts of you. A well written statement opens doors for admission as well as funding.


An Academic Resume is the key tool in getting great recommendation letters and applying to top summer programs.  We assist you in developing an academic resume that speaks volumes about you.

Funding Research Assistance

Scholarships, Grants, Academic Awards, and Merit aid are terms for the best type of college funding; the type you don't have to repay.

​We will find up to 5 scholarships for you.


In addition, engaging a Scholarship Coach  will give you the tools to locate the best scholarships out there, and work with you to properly apply for them. In addition, you will create a plan for collecting your scholarship winnings after they've been awarded.

College Interview Preparation

Many competitive programs require an applicant interview. The college interview can make a huge impact, its a chance for you to show the university that you are a good fit for the campus community. We will work with you to help you put your best foot forward. 




Application essay questions are specific, however most students fail to answer the question.  Our consultants can help you craft a unique message that tells your story and answers the essay question.

Nomination Requests

Recommendation Requests

Getting a great letter of recommendation is an art. Many times you'll find that you are asking the same people for nominations and recommendations. We can show you how to make writing on your behalf as easy as possible for your those who recommend you for colleges and scholarships.