Talia Dotson, B.A.

Talia Dotson is an experienced workshop leader and college admission consultant, providing value and contributing to the development of young people. Their areas of specialty include scholarship coaching leadership  development, digital literacy, communication training, goal setting and decision-making. Through The Scholarship Club, this team fosters proactive and positive

relationships with youth and families using an empowering approach to personal and career development. Talia Dotson has an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates youth. As a teenager,
Talia launched The Scholarship Club Community Learning Program, a scholarship club to aid low- to moderate-income youth in the scholarship 
application process. While a student at Pitzer College in Claremont CA, Talia co-founded Education Access Solutions LLC to guide high school students and emystify college preparation and admissions activities. In addition to managing
youth volunteers, Talia facilitates youth leadership workshops focused on developing successful habits and making smart decisions.
An advocate of STEM Education, The Scholarship Club LLC leverages technology to introduce educational funding opportunities to youth using popular and social media. Talia serves youth as independent educational consultants and youth workshop leaders. Through The Scholarship Club LLC they have developed online and traditional classroom courses and programs,supporting a holistic teaching pedagogy.

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Talia Dotson The Scholarship Club