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The Scholarship Club provides scholarship application guidance to parents and students through our unique online platform.

A $49.99 monthly membership provides:

Search Guidance

Assistance with finding scholarships 


Access to Scholarship and Grant databases


Professional accountability to help you to stay on track with application submissions

Tools & Templates

Tools and Templates for letters, logs, and resumes


Essay and student resume writing assistance to impress scholarship funders


Customized strategy and action plans for applying for scholarships

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College Scholarship Help

The cost of a college education is on the rise! Private school tuition and fees average a whopping $34,740. Public schools average$9,970 for residents and $19,867 for out-of-state students. Then there’s the post-graduation debt. Students are graduating with an average $25,620 in debt. Want to send your child to college without the student loan stress and enormous financial burden? The Scholarship Club can help! Led by expert scholarship trainers, The Scholarship Club provides professional scholarship coaching for college-bound students.

Apply & Win Scholarships to Afford College

With billions of dollars in college scholarships available, which ones should you apply for? How do you get recommendations that will impress? What if your SAT scores are low? What do you put in the applications to win? Where do you start? The process of applying for a college scholarship can be daunting. The Scholarship Club makes the process easy so you can identify scholarships and win money for college. Our experts have coached hundreds of students who were awarded substantial amounts of scholarship money. Many students received scholarships from their top choice university. 


Sam S.

"My personal and professional experience was awesome; it is great to have resources that guides our youth and adult to fund their education and to find out more about interesting careers".

Tayo A.

"Since my 11 year old daughter attended her first scholarship meeting a few weeks ago she hasn't stop thinking of what she needs to do to attend college. The scholarship club is very positive, inspiring and motivating... Being part of the club provides the opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals and earn free funds for college. It is just brilliant"!

Reese M.

"I am the mother of a fifteen year old and am excited about working with The Scholarship Club. The staff members are very positive and encouraging, giving the notion that all is possible. I know this will be a great year."


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